Friday, 20 August 2010

Jean Noel Rebilly et Cedric Lerouley

Firstly apologies for spelling names without accents / punctuatives - I know not how to insert graves or umlauts on my text.
Just spent a pleasant while listening to the 2008 CD release by Jean Noel Rebilly and Cedric Lerouley. Entitled "Leaving" and on the Paris based label; COmmA.
Years ago...2002, I became aware of Cedric Lerouley. He remixed a Dieter Muh track that appeared on the CDr "Eponymous", released on the French label Naninani Recordings. "Eponymous" itself was a strange album. Shortly after our return from Belgium in late 1998 Dave and I started experimenting in the sound / direction of Dieter Muh. We were busy recording photo-copy machines, machines from the crisp factory I was working at, slow bowed cymbals, as well as sampling old films and TV programmes.....just finding a sound and working on it. It was late 1998 that we got a letter from Jose Leseur wanting to put out a Dieter Muh cassette - extremely limited (30 or so) - and we said yes and mailed a master of our "work in progress" then we heard nowt for 4 years and suddenly there was this CDr called "Eponymous" with Jose artwork and a Cedric Lerouley remix track to (I suspect) fill the disc. I liked it - so started a correspondence of sorts with Cedric. It lasted a year or so. Long studied letters from Cedric and the first 4 releases from his label COmmA.

At the end of last month I received an E Mail from Jean Noel. He spotted on Discogs that I had a Cedric Lerouley CD that he was desperate for and offered cash. We traded. I got the Andrew Chalk CD mentioned in an earlier entry and a copy of "Leaving".
From listening to early COmmA releases I get the idea that it is a label for "modern classical" music. Art Music, Ambient, Soundtrack - that sort of approach. Certainly the packaging from the first few releases by Cedric and Vincent Bondet are like miniature works of art.
"Leaving": 3 tracks of beauty. A short experimental abstract piece sandwich by two long drone style workings. The listening experience put me in mind of two other albums. The long pieces are certainly a homage to Nurse With Wound's "Soliloquy For Lilith", they have to be! There are edges / touches of Lustmord circa "Dark Stars" but it is very close to feel of "Soliloquy". An extension of .... The small interlude put me in mind of the Pink Floyd LP "More", don't know why, just sat there reading and the LP popped in to my psyche.
I think COmmA have a website. If you like the ethereal, the all encompassing sound then google, dig and discover.

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