Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dieter Muh #41

I was invited to support Silver Apples at Exeter Cavern a few weeks back. I said yes, of course. It is always nice to be asked. I like the venue, and although I was not too excited by Silver Apples last time I saw them live (1997) I was looking forward to what they/he were up to in 2010.
This was the fourth time Dieter Muh had played The Cavern equalling the amount of times we/I have played The Red Rose in London. Like I said; I like the venue. It has the same feel as a punk club of old. Like Nottingham's Ad Lib or Lincoln's A.J.'s or Retford's Porterhouse. It is small, it is dark with small alcoves and recesses. Lovely place. Dave, the owner, is always chatty and the guy behind the sound board is a top guy - nothing is ever too much trouble.
I was limited to thirty minutes so I expanded on the set I played at the Ivy House (Nunhead) earlier in the year, using Schuster's track "Bacteria 2" as a spine, mixing in textural sounds of scraped cymbals and violins, smashing glass, grinding teeth and the voices of Lon Milo DuQuette, children playing in the street and Buddhist chanting....I introduced the piece as "Hanging A Blind Dog Part 1", followed by "Part 2" and ending on "Part 3". I enjoyed it. Enjoyed it immensely and will take it all a bit further in Paris next month.
I used the Tim Bayes animated film "Armenia 1915" as backdrop. It fitted the sound well.
Silver Apples atrracted a fair few folk, maybe 60 to 70, and in a club where the maximum capacity is 200 it wasn't too bad. Simeon had a table bedecked with strange looking boxes filled with valves and levers. He had a good sound, got the crowd dancing. It was good to play to a Silver Apples audience. Dieter Muh was well recieved.
There was another band on. New Years Evil. 3 kids with instruments, I caught the last 5 minutes.

When I first moved to Devon in 2001 it became an ambition to play The Cavern. For reasons stated above and the fact that if you do play The Cavern you get your name on posters that are stuck up all over Exeter on strange circular pillars and obelisks. I wanted Dieter Muh to be up there! The other three times we have played The Cavern either myself or a chap called Dave P. Myers have organised the gigs - so no posters.....but this time.....

1: Poster Pillar with Silver Apples / Dieter Muh poster.
2: Post Gig drinks with (L-R): D.P. Myers, Jack Trevillan (Enraptured Records), Dave Goodchild (The Boss), Simeon Coxe and The Sound Guy.
3 + 4: Dieter Muh in action.

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