Sunday, 29 August 2010


Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest (to my ears) Prurient single "Crossbow" on the DotDotDot label. This is the beautiful sound of violence. Both sides have a similar spine, a threatening drone and electronic shuffle mixed in with acoustic chaos - sounds like household furniture being thrown about a room and doors slamming. One side has the voice of Prurient (AKA Dominic Furnow) screaming a manifesto of sorts, a violent onslaught diatribe. The other side leaves off the vocal track and has a taped voice, the drone is less dominant and it has a feel of a crime scene investigation. As a single (I'm playing at 45rpm, I hope that is right)! it is a beauty - like a Con-Dom single of old.
I am uncertain about the label. I know it is based in Cork, Eire and I have another DotDotDot 7" by Nate Young (both items given to me by Andrew of Aurora Borealis - thanks). There is no sleeve, just coloured vinyl in a poly-bag. Personally I like more information with my releases. But like Apollolaan Recordings they release in limited quantities and sell out quickly.

Back in 2006 Dieter Muh played on the same bill as Prurient, at The Old Angel Inn in Nottingham. Also on the bill were Burning Star Core, Bologna Pony and Consumer Electronics. I sat and chatted to Dominic for a while about the state of noise in Europe (a few days later I was off to play the WGT Festival in Leipzig), but I remember nothing of the Prurient set. I'm afraid it was one of those gigs where we played second, then moved to the bar and got rat-arsed.
I think Dominic has put Prurient on the back burner to concentrate on the synth-rock band Cold Cave. (I could be wrong).

1: Single.
2 Prurient Live at 2010 No Fun Fest. New York.

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