Friday, 17 February 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 16:02:2017.

Back after 4 weeks away … Apologies for the "no show" on February 2 but I was on my way to see COUM Transmissions perform in Hull and meet up with some old friends. (Aaron, Neil, Paul + Steve). A great weekend … Hopefully the mandarins of SoundArt Radio filled my slot with something tasty.
Tonights programme is filled with new arrivals and an old favourite. Lucky to get hold of an advanced copy of the forthcoming Harbinger Sound Sampler and I will be playing selected pieces over the forthcoming programmes. Tonight it was Sudden Infant (live), Phil Julian and John Paul. Also played some highlights of the recently released "Redux333" DVD from the Chicago based NO PART OF IT label. It's a compilation released where artists remix, remodel and reinterpret the work of Arvo Zylo's "333" album. Olivier from The Dead Mauriacs kindly mailed a CDR of Jacques Brodier live in Le Havre in 2013. Brodier is new to my ears and like very much. An interesting composer. Apart from a double album on Penultimate Press I don't think he has released anything else. February 16th 1980 was the date Rough Trade Records released the 3 track EP "Let's Build A Bridge" by Swell Maps. Too easy and very BBC 6Music to play the "A" Side. "Big Maz In The Country" is a highlight of the EP and (as Alice pointed out) sounding very much like Massicot.
The MuhMur Radio Posse were back, Alice + Dave and can be heard chatting in the background!
Please take a list. Copy & Paste.

01: Anji Cheung : "It Was Easier When I Imagined You" (Audio Visuals Atmosphere) 2017.
02: The Dead Mauriacs : "Jetz/Jetzt" (NPH) 2017.
03: Machine Listener : "Centre Of Mass Animated" (SKSK) 2014.
04: Helm : "Rawabet/Downtown Rubble" (Alter) 2017.
05: Marlo Eggplant : "Arvo" (NO PART OF IT) 2016.
06: Sudden Infant : "1 2 8 9 6" (NO PART OF IT) 2016.
07: Michael Muennich : "Klamm/heimelig" (Recordings For The Summer) 2017.
08: Herpes O Deluxe : "Kauend Hinter Mauern" (Divergent Series) 2013.
09: Sudden Infant : "Father (Live)" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
10: Kein Zweiter : "Genitalmetamorphoseovid" (90% Wasser) 2016.
11: Dave Phillips : "Zylovester Anfang" (NO PART OF IT) 2016.
12: Jacques Brodier : "Live In Le Havre" (Not On Label) 2013.
13: Jasmine Guffond : "Live In Berlin 2015" (Beartown Records) 2017.
14: Phil Julian : "Blanking" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
15: John Paul : "Sissy & Ada (Red Version)" (Harbinger Sound) 2017.
16: Swell Maps : "Big Maz In The Country" (Rough Trade/Rather Records) 1980.
17: Unknown Singing Objects : "Anarchy In The U.K. (And Beyond)" (Not On Label) 2016.

The next programme will be on March 2 and will feature the second MuhMur Radio session from Finnish Lo-Fi industrialists Grey Park.

01: Playlist.
02: Jacques Brodier.
03/04/05: "Posse Shots" (Steve, Alice & Dave).

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Harbinger Sound Sampler 2xLP

Out and in the shops on March 24 comes the double LP "Harbinger Sound Sampler". The third compilation release from Harbinger Sound label after "….And The Vultures Miss Nothing" (2005) and "Eight" (2007) … I am not counting the 2013 vinyl re-issue of the old Broken Flag cassette "Le Couperet".
There is of course the missing compilation "Standing Still Like A Humming Bird" .. but we don't speak of that these days as Harbinger Sound has moved on, moved with the times, after a time in the mid noughties releasing scatter shot sounds from the likes of Hair Police, Prurient, Carlos Gifoni, Dieter Müh and Smegma, Harbinger Sound has become more focused and relevant to it's time. Caught the zeitgeist (they were a good band).
So now in 2017 comes the new manifesto. Statement of intent. Two albums for the price of a pint (in a 'Spoons and in the North) £3.99. Only available in shops too … there will be a few mail order outlets, that's how the world turns these days .. but not available from the label direct.

 Toylettes kick off the proceedings with a track called "Omi (Version)". Toylettes are a punk band from Berlin, they sound like they should have been on Rough Trade Records in 1978. They sound like Kleenex. Mark Wynn keeps the energy going with a track about Frank Sinatra being in payment of the mafia and Michael Buble's slippers all played on Fisher-Price instruments. Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life make an appearance with "Your Day Will Come". I remember this song from seeing Steve live a couple of years back in Bristol. Studio sound is acoustic and very "lounge lizard". Years ago (late 80's) I went to see Gavin Friday & Man Seezer play at the Royal Northern College Of Music in Manchester. After years of seeing Virgin Prunes and Gavin being threatening on stage, it was kind of funny to see him as a chanteur singing songs of love and sexuality whilst wondering around candlelit tables smoking French cigarettes. This is what I am reminded of every time I hear this song … Sleaford Mods follow with "Fat Tax". A tongue tripping trip hop slow motion journey that just whets the appetite for the forthcoming "English Tapas" album. Side A ends with the incredibly shouty shouty Consumer Electronics. "And At Any Rate, It's Already Too Late" is a verbal attack by a petulant irritant with spastic noise rendering it all unlistenable.
Side Two is kicked off by Phil Julian. Former Cheapmachine and New Blockader brings us his abstract, avant-garde celestial electronics with "Blanking". The sound is almost medical and plays like a Nitschian soundtrack. Phil's Harbinger Sound album "Trace" was a highlight of 2014. From PJ to JP. John Paul. If you are familiar with Sleaford Mods then you know John Paul. Poet, Plumber and a dab hand at Sticky 13! "Sissy And Ada (Red Version)" plays like a Mods track, looped samples, dropped beats, dope rhythm etc … and the voice of John Paul … it's all too short. New to these ears Future Commuter follow. I think these chaps are from Brighton (Could be wrong, I did ask Steve but was very drunk at the time). There's twenty tracks by twenty artists on this compilation and it is within the laws of probability that I ain't gonna like all of them. I don't like this track and don't really know what it brings to Harbinger Sound. Self indulgent prog rock and the reason why punk rock was invented. Thank goodness for Circuit Breaker. I have liked Circuit Breaker since I heard their 12" EP on Tombed Visions back in 2014, then their superb "My Descent Into Capital" LP a year later. "Duplicate" is a slow funereal industrial dirge, whose vocals contain that "shiver down the spine" effect. It's bleak and masterful, and again the appetite is whetted for the forthcoming album. Side Two is finished off by Sudden Infant and a live version of "Father". This is Sudden Infant as a trio, the powerful bass of Christian Weber, the percussion of Alexandre Babel sounding like a one-man Einstürzende Neubauten and the questioning voice of Joke Lanz. A great document for those who saw Sudden Infant live in 2016.
Harbinger Sound stalwart and former Putrefier mainman Mark Durgan opens side three with "Singsong Generator". It's musique concret, abstract, it's half a dozen contact mic's rustling around a Sainsbury's shopping bag. A thunderdome battle royale. The battle continues with Japanese artist and Incapacitant Pain Jerk. Battling sine waves to a para bellum beat. 20 years ago Harbinger Sound released its first record "Spifire" by Pain Jerk. Massicot follow with "Koktellis". Massicot are a punk band from Switzerland, a connection with Sudden Infant. A great song with stream of conscience vocals and delicate sound interaction between violin, bass guitar and drums. It's a really uplifting unpretentious sound. Raw and honest and this sound continues over the next two pieces. The Pisse piece has the same motorik beat / timing. Pisse are a punk band from Hoyerswerda (Germany). Karies bring the side to a close with "Es Lachte". Karies have already put out a couple of singles on Harbinger Sound, and closely await the forthcoming LP. The sound of post-punk Stuttgart. This track brings the 1981 4AD catalogue back to life in a kind of In Camera, Sort Sol, Mass kind of way. Excellent.
Side Four is mainly punk rock. Old school punk, the kind of stuff Steve Underwood (MC of Harbinger Sound if you did not know) listens to on long car journeys. Los Angeles punks The Urinals open with "The Girl Before". I don't know if this is an old recording from the Urinal archive or a new piece for the LP, bloody good though. Frustration carry on the theme with their 1978/79 style post-punk rock. High energy staggering guitar and high end bass line. A piece called "The Drawback". Frustration are a band I know nothing about. They could be from the 1970's, they could be from Germany? Hopefully they'll have something out on Harbinger Sound soon. The Lowest Form bring "5" to the album. UK Hardcore. Not a style, genre I listen to but after hearing the recent LP "Personal Space" and the freshness and energy contained therein my ears have opened. Helm mastermind Luke Younger plays bass too. Amazing. Bristol cider punks and a band who I will always associate with leather pop punks Vice Squad Chaos U.K. follow. "Impose". Foot stomping anarchy-punk, big in 1984, big in Japan now … The only way to complete the four sides is with a mammoth piece by Treriksröset. The sound of collapsing morals. Tommy Carlsson brings it all to a glorious end, it sounds like the previous 19 tracks layered and manipulated in to one great beast. A great closure.

Like great compilations of old, the "Pillows & Prayers", the "Pay It All Back" and "Cash Cows" this double LP sells for the bargain price of £3.99. It'll mainly be bought for the Sleaford Mods and maybe Consumer Electronics,but it'll be in the major shops and it's going to be great to see what folk think of Treriksröset, Mark Durgan and Circuit Breaker. Harbinger Sound Records seem to be finding direction with Karies, Pisse, Massicot, Circuit Breaker and Mark Wynn. It's not just a load of noise bands stuck together without thought or meaning this is the sound of an evolving, growing and developing label and it's great that it sticks by artists like Pain Jerk, Mark Durgan and Phil Julian who have been there for the past 20 years too …

Cargo are distributing in UK, Germany and USA. It's up for pre-order now via Rough Trade and Norman Records (Leeds), and at £3.99 it's going to go fast.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 19:01:2017.

A freezing cold night in Devon. Clear star studded sky and a walk along the river in darkness to the radio station. A beautiful winters evening … and the first "regular" two hour MuhMur radio broadcast of 2017. Thanks to Dave Mutch for being there.
In the playlist is a piece from the forthcoming cassette release by Modelbau on Sentimental Productions. MuhMur Radio was fortunate to get an advance copy. I have no idea when it will be released.
The two Contrastate tracks are from their latest album "No Eden Without Annihilation". It's a live album with pieces recorded in 2012 at The Fylkingen in Stockholm where Dieter Müh were support alongside White, Dusa and Kristian Olsson.
Please take a listen:   (Copy & Paste).

01: Amalgamated : "Bending The Last Blind Leg" (Bicephalic Records) 2015.
02: Contrastate : "Predestination" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
03: Contrastate : "Return Of Son Of Sam" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
04: Modelbau : "Malfunction" (Sentimental Productions) 2017.
05: Altar Of Flies : "Tom Rum" (Sentimental Productions) 2017.
06: The Shining Path : "The Price Of Freedom" (Anna Logue Records) 2016.
07: Bourbonese Qualk : "New Jerusalem" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.
08: The Shining Path : "Gunship" (Anna Logue Records) 2016.
09: Severed Heads : "Lower Than The Grave (Live)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2008.
10: Godlesstate : "Vedic Transference" (Hagshadow) 2016.
11: AntiChild League : "Fight With No Dreams" (Obsessive Fundamental Realism) 2016.
12: AntiChildLeague : "Guilty Women" (Hagshadow) 2016.
13: First Law : "Holy War" (StateArt) 1997.
14: Praying For Oblivion : "Untitled" (Final Judgement) 2001.
15: Hum : "Crucible" (Drone Records) 2004.
16: Noise-Makers Fife : "Intervisage (Part One)" (Drone Records) 1997.
17: Ultravox! : "Dangerous Rhythm" (Island Records) 1977.
18: Crispy Ambulance : "From The Cradle To The Grave" (Aural Assault Records) 1980.
19: Crispy Ambulance : "Four Minutes From The Frontline" (Aural Assault Records) 1980.

The next programme will be on Thursday February 16 at 20:00 gmt. I am taking a break as I will be in Hull in a couple of weeks. The UK City of Culture 2017 is hosting a performance by COUM Transmissions. If anyone reading this is there … please say hello!

01 : Playlist.
2 & 3 : Studio Shots.

Monday, 9 January 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 08:01:2017 (4 Hour Special).

At first it was a maybe, then it was on, then it was called "tradition;", then it was off, everything was off over Christmas and then it was back on again … The MuhMur Radio Four Hour Festive Feast, only this time it was post-Christmas, so it became a four hour retrospective picking over the best releases of 2016 (that I never played in that year) with a couple of rarities from Philip Sanderson + Neil Campbell. They both supplied sounds that came inside Christmas cards!
And before it is mentioned, the Throbbing Gristle track comes from a compilation album called "Close To The Noise Floor". Other notables. The Cremation Lily tracks appear on a "tour CDR" that was only available in the USA, and the Modern track is from a privately released cassette called "Elegy".

01: Anemone Tube : "Myth & The Relation To The World" (La Esencia) 2016.
02: Knifeladder : "Long March" (The Epicurean) 2016.
03: Cremation Lily : "Washed Through Glass" (Strange Rules) 2016.
04: MyTrip : "Soft Outer (Evitceles Mix)" (Amek/Serpent Eve Records) 2016.
05: Cremation Lily : "Immaculacy" (Strange Rules) 2016.
06: MyTrip : "All Black" (Amek) 2016.
07: MyTrip : "Fibre Mask" (Amek) 2016.
08: MyTrip : "Dust" (Amek) 2016.
09: Celebrity Appreciation Society : "I Wish I Had A Girlfriend" (Institute Of Paraphilia Studies)    
10: Aaron Dilloway : "Very Imprecise" (Voice Throwing) 2016.
11: A.M.K. : "Sultans Of The Sand" (Banned Productions) 2016.
12: Philip Sanderson : "No No No No" (Snatch Tapes) 2016.
13: Neil Campbell : "Only Solace/Magpie Cackle" (Not On Label) 2016.
14: Modern : "Elegy" (jcp) 2016.
15: Nolls : "White" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
16: Nolls : "Two Lives" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
17: Nolls : "Locust" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
18: Nolls : "Wall" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
19: Nolls : "Cassette #4" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2016.
      (All Nolls tracks from the LP "Strange Attitude").
20: Vit Fana : "Hål" (Northern Electronics) 2016.
21: Vit Fana : "Fasad" (Northern Electronics) 2016.
22: Vit Fana : "Sånkt" (Northern Electronics) 2016.
23: Post Scriptvm : "Laterne D'Horreur" (La Esencia) 2016.
24: Genocide Organ : "1st Brigade" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
25: Throbbing Gristle : "What A Day" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
26: FRKSE : "Hammering Bliss" (Auris Apothecary/Divergent Series) 2016.
27: Bourbonese Qualk : "No" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.
28: Sarah Mary Chadwick : "This Is Familiar" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
29: Hyperculte : "Les Crabes" (Les Disques Bongo Joe/Red Wig) 2016.
30: Hyperculte : "Résigné" (Les Disques Bongo Joe/Red Wig) 2016.
31: Massicot : "Suri Guti" (Harbinger Sound) 2016.
32: Temple Of Clear Light : "Amun" (Red Cavity Records) 2016.

The next broadcast will be on January 19 at 20:00 hrs GMT and back to the regular two hours …

01: Neil Campbell + Philip Sanderson's CDR's.
02: Chris Booth who spent the afternoon preparing the studio for its grand re-opening on the 9th …

Sunday, 11 December 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 08:12:2016

Time to put on your dancing shoes. This programme was broadcast on the evening of my 54th birthday and I decided to stray from the "regular" playlist and include two hours of classics from the new wave era (as Crispy Ambulance would say).
Normal service will be resumed on the 22nd December at 8.00pm.

01: The Damned : "New Rose" (Stiff Records) 1977.
02: Ultravox! : "Young Savage" (Island Records) 1977.
03: XTC : "Science Friction" (Virgin Records) 1977.
04: The Cortinas : "Independence" (Step Forward Records) 1977.
05: Alternative TV : "Love Lies Limp" (Deptford Fun City Records) 1978.
06: The Stukas : "Sport" (Sonet Records) 1977.
07: Adam & The Ants : "(You're So) Physical" (Do It Records) 1979.
08: Animals & Men : "Terraplane Fixation" (Strange Days) 1980.
09: Public Image Limited : "Annalisa" (Virgin Records) 1978.
10: Steel Leg v. The Electric Dread : "Haile Unlikely" (Virgin Records) 1978.
11: Steel Leg v. The Electric Dread : "Unlikely Pub" (Virgin Records) 1978.
12: John Cooper Clarke : "Evidently Chickentown" (Epic Records) 1980.
13: Punishment Of Luxury : "Puppet Life" (Small Wonder Records) 1978.
14: Gloria Mundi : "The Pack" (RCA Victor) 1978.
15: Gloria Mundi : "Condemned To Be Free" (RCA Victor) 1978.
16: Hugh Cornwall + Robert Williams : "White Room" (United Artists) 1979.
17: Self Control : "The Drug" (Dancing Sideways Records) 1980.
18: Section 25 : "Haunted" (Factory Benelux) 1980.
19: The Fall : "New Face In Hell" (Rough Trade Records) 1980.
20: Vick Sinex & The Nasal Sprays : "High Rise Failures (Dub)" (Dead Good Records) 1980.
21: Dennis Burns + Mark Perry : "You Cry Your Tears" (NB Records) 1980.
22: Mark Stewart + Mafia : "Liberty City" (On-U Sound) 1982.
23: Virgin Prunes : "Come To Daddy/Delay Box" (Italian Records) 1983.
24: Virgin Prunes : "Come To Daddy" (Italian Records) 1983.
25: Pylon : "Cool" (Armageddon Records) 1980.
26: The Mekons : "Snow" (Red Rhino Records) 1980.
27: Ultravox! : "The Quiet Men" (Island Records) 1978.
28: WKGB : "Non Stop" (Fetish Records) 1980.
29: Public Image Limited : "Memories" (Virgin Records) 1979.
30: Talking Heads : "Drugs" (Sire Records) 1979.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 24:11:2016.

Another two hour broadcast of eclecticism. Some new releases, some recent arrivals and some old favourites, including a "released on this day" section with The Outsiders and "Consequences" which was part of the "1 To Infinity" EP on Raw Records in 1977. The version I play comes from the "Business Unusual" compilation released by Cherry Red Records. I also play a couple of tunes from The Fall "Grotesque (After The Gramme)" LP which was released on 25 November 1980 by Rough Trade Records. It is one of my favourite LP's so I couldn't miss the opportunity of playing.
There were a couple of technical hitches to the broadcast. The CD players did not want to play The Dead Mauriacs 3" Business Card CDR "The True Message Of A False Queen" so I slipped in TG's "Adrenalin" instead. Also the storage limit on the SoundArt Radio computer hit its' limit so the programme stopped archiving at some point. Erstwhile radio engineer and MuhMur Radio compadrè Dave fixed the problem but some of the broadcast is missing. It is (at the moment) being edited in to one bite size and understandable chunk (by Dave) and as soon as it is OK I will post the link below the playlist … Alternatively keep an eye out on the MixCloud page or Facebook profile.

01: Ochu : "Verlassen Sicht Tritt Die Höhe" (Hästen & Korset) 2013.
02: Hole House : "A Place You Left Behind" (Aetheric Records) 2016.
03: Shifts : "Leaves" (Entr'acte) 2007.
04: Andrew Chalk : "Shimmer In The Sun" (Mediatations) 2015.
05: Krube : "Untitled" (B)  (Angst) 2016.
06: Chop Shop : "30 Degrees Reamer And A Stifling Atmosphere On An Empty Stomach"
                             (Suitcase) 2008.
07: Throbbing Gristle : "Subhuman" (Industrial Records) 1980.
08: The Infant Cycle : "Trombone" (Drone Records) 2008.
09: The Anti Group : "Mithriac (Short Version)" (Somnimage) 2016.
10: Clock DVA : "Coil" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
11: Savage Republic : "The Arab Spring: (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2015.
12: Pisse : "Schwatter" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
13: Pisse : "Dienstleistung Gesellschaft" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
14: NachtHexen : "Ring Ring" (Kids Of The Lughole) 2016.
15: NachtHexen : "Fuck The Diet" (Kids Of The Lughole) 2016.
16: Alice Kemp : "Doll" (B) (SoundArt Radio) 2016.
17: Thorsten Soltau : "Merzbao Und Pachtungen Im Tier (By Haarmann)" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.
                                     Label) 2016.
18: Throbbing Gristle : "Adrenalin" (Industrial Records) 1980.
19: The Fall : "C 'n' C-s Mithering" (Castle Classics) 1993.
20: The Fall : "The Container Drivers" (Castle Classics) 1993.
21: The Outsiders : "Consequences" (Cherry Red Records) 1978.

Next broadcast will be on December 8.

01 - 04 : Images from the "SoundArt X" exhibition at Dartington Space Studios.
05: The Playlist.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 10:11:2016.

Apologies for the late posting, life, work and such got pretty hectic and tiring and being able to sit down and type this blog has been difficult. (still you're not interested in this .. and no i didn't just sit and watch the England Scotland game).
A rather eclectic mix of sound here playing some new arrivals / releases and catching up with some old favourites .. For the first time ever I altered the playlist on the evening, so the corresponding picture of platter played doesn't quite match. I was going to play Starfuckers version of "Dear Prudence" from the "Vidas Illustres" compilation CD (Temple House) but it didn't want to load in either of the CD players so I played Arv & Miljö "Untitled #1" and Column One "Frauen Ohne Ende" from the "Dream Time" CD instead. This meant the Chalk / Chetwin / Plagne track "Some Trees Parts 1-3" also got lost. Never mind.

On at the Dartington Space Studios (home of SoundArt Radio) there is an exhibition / installation of ten years of SoundArt Radio. If you are in the area I recommend popping in. I have included some pictures from the exhibition here.
Next broadcast is on November 24 at 20:00 (GMT). Please copy + paste :

01: Louie Rice : "Puxe #1" (Porta) 2016.
02: Louie Rice : "Puxe #2" (Porta) 2016.
03: Thorsten Soltau : "Tierbedbachtungen In Herz (By Weiss)" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.label) 2016.
04: Column One : "Fat Finger" (90% Wasser/Dossier Records) 2005.
05: Krube : "Untitled" (Fragment Factory) 2016.
06: The Pop Group : "Savage Sea" (Radar Records) 1996.
07: Leif Elggren + Edgar Allan Poe : "The Rocking Chair" (Firework Editions Records) 2012.
08: TBC : "Muskel 3" (Drone Records) 2002.
09: TBC : "Muskel 5" (Drone Records) 2002.
10: Andreas Führer/Leif Elggren : "Gang I Væsten" (Firework Editions Records/Yoyooyoy) 2012.
11: Blod : "Käre Jesus" (I Dischi del Barone) 2016.
12: Whitehouse : "Great White Death" (Come Organisation) 1985.
13: Pisse : "Fahradsattel" (Phantom Records/Beau Travail) 2016.
14: Pisse : "Alt Sein" (Phantom Records/Beau Travail) 2016.
15: Arv & Miljö : "Untitled #2" (Forever United) 2016.
16: Joachim Nordwall & Ryan Martin : "Exposing The Absurdity Of Superstition" (Robert &    Leoplold/Ideal Recordings) 2016.
17: Joachim Nordwall & Ryan Martin : "Retrace / Reverse" (Robert & Leopold/Ideal Recordings) 2016.
18: Dome : "Ar-Gu" (Dome Records) 1981.
19: Sarah Mary Chadwick : "This Fits" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
20: Sharon's Last Party : "Blue Light And Blue Eyes" (Segerhuva Records) 2002.
21: JFK : "Temple Of SET" (Fourth Dimension Records) 1992.
22: Arv & Miljö : "Unititled #1" (Forever United) 2016.
23: Column One : "Frauen Ohne Ende" (90% Wasser/Dossier Records) 2005.

01: The Playlist.
02 - 04 : Pictures From An Exhibition.
05: Producer Dave at the controls!