Sunday, 29 August 2010

Andreas Brandal #2

This week saw the arrival of 160 copies of the CD "Bacterium" - a long awaited release that should have been released back in early July but due to various minor hiccups finally reached Hartop Towers a few days ago, the same time as the new album by Andreas Brandal. The CD player has mainly been spinning the "Bacterium" apologies to Andreas there.
At the start of 2010 I had never heard of Andreas. His work has been a great discovery. It is nice to see that the UK label Apollolaan Recordings have picked up on his sound too - it fits the label perfectly. The last album I heard by Andreas was the cassette "Shipwrecked" on the German Licht Und Stahl label; this release sort of fits in with it - am I seeing a "trilogy" concept or something? "Sunken Gardens" has the same familiar resonance, far away calls and bells. Creaks and clicks. There are moments where I am put in mind of Popol Vuh's "Agape-Agape" and "Dead-End" piece could have been an out-take from Tangerine Dream's "The Sorcerer" LP with its dark drone and synth sweeps.
What I am liking about this album is that it puts you in another place. It has a very visual sound.
Well recommended, although looking at the Apollolaan website I see that it is now sold out! Limited to 50 copies with wrap around sleeve and insert - this is why I joined their mailing list, Apollolaan are releasing gems now and then.....

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