Monday, 2 August 2010

Burial Hex #2

On the strength of a mesmeric performance at last years Equinox Festival in London and the latest vinyl LP "Bagirwa Hymn" I have started collecting the work of Clay Ruby / Burial Hex wherever I can find it. My latest find is the 55 minute cassette release "Fantasma Di Perarolo" on the new Brave Mysteries label. A treat to find as only 100 were made. 20 with a gold sleeve and 80 with a gold and black sleeve.
Here is some research: (I don't just knock this thing together y'know)....
Pipe organ sonata by Clay Ruby featuring liturgical medleys and elaborate funery improvisations with accompanying electric atmospheres by Giovani Donandini, Ricardo Mazza and Nico Vascarrelli. This performance was given on the mid 18th Century Pipe Organ at Chiesa Di San Nicolo Di Perarolo Di Cadore and recorded on December 23rd, 2009 at the inauguration performance of Nico Vascarelli's exhibition in Perarolo, as curated by Daniel Zangrando. A crowd from all over Italy travelled North to join curious villagers, all huddled together in the warmest winter clothes to witness this performance, which included a 3 hour funeral procession and memorial within the massive, candlelit, unheated church which is the centre of a tiny village lost high in the frozen Dolomites of Northern Italy. Two elderly natives furiously pulling ropes to pump the bellows of the ancient organ whilst Clay conjured up decayed hymns, modal improvisations, spiralling tone clusters and utterly supernatural voices out of its' spluttering pipes. This tape captures 50+ minute excerpt of the lengthy proceedings, documenting the howling organ, the cryptic electronics and the frozen spirits singing in the pulsing and surreal environment of the centuries old church.
All the above information comes c/o "Brainwashed" web site.
The sound reproduction quality on this release is superb. No tape hiss! Quality recording. A performance with such gravitas should (though) get a better release than a 100 copies on a cassette....perhaps Clay has something up his sleeve though? A 4xCD Box Set of the whole 3 hour affair? That would be nice.
The sound is as above, Heavy pipe organ sound a la Hermann Nitsch with mysterious clatterings and electronic drones fitting all around. An improvised work on a Church Pipe Organ - it has to be heard! Whilst playing my mind wandered off in to thoughts of those picture discs LP's that Jordi Valls/Vagina Dentata Organ used to put out in the mid to late 1980's. This is very similar in atmosphere.
I found this cassette advertised via Troniks board. I shall keep searching.....

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