Friday, 13 August 2010

Andrew Chalk

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the CD "East Of The Sun" by Andrew Chalk. I have the re-issue CD on the Faraway Press label.
I have had the CD for two days now and each time I have played it at the end of the day on the downstairs system at Hartop Towers and it has filled the room with a lovely warm glow and encouraged reading and conversation within the walls. An absolutely beautiful CD.
Tones drift between light keyboard tinkering and a bowed bass guitar. Notes hang in the air creating an encouraging aroma.
It has been a while since I have sat and listened to Andrew Chalk. I have a few bits and pieces. Ferial Confine and his collaboration with David Jackman, but they're all filed away...a friend from France mailed this and I am eternally grateful. I will have to rediscover Andrew and his work.

1: Andrew Chalk.
2: "East Of The Sun" CD Sleeve.

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