Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Alchemy Of The 20th Century

Just spent a pleasant while playing some old stuff that I haven't played in years, stuff released on the French COmma (2) label and Alchemy Of the 20th Century cassette "Birth Of A Lifeform" which Kaos Kontrol released in 1999. I think it's limited to 50 copies....could be wrong.
Alchemy Of The 20th Century is the "ambient / organic" side of Noise Artist Mikko Aspa. Also known as Grunt, Clinic Of Torture, Nicole 12 and owner of the Freak Animal product. Prolific chap and all round nice guy!
The sounds on this release are all organic, manipulated through effects - some times sped up, some times (Like on "Swarms") reversed. It makes for pleasant listening, like a Drone release of old. I had forgotten just how good this tape is. I'm going to have to listen to the "Liquid Metal" 7" now!
I have met Mikko on a number of occassions and he has never failed to entertain and amuse.
Hopefully Alchemy Of The 20th Century is not a finished project.

1: Mikko Aspa.
2: Sleeve to "Birth Of A Lifeform". (It is transparent and a bugger to photocopy) .

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