Saturday, 6 November 2010

Burial Hex #3

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest 7" offering from Burial Hex. "The Tower" on the Swedish label Release The Bats. (Probably one of the worst named labels in operation at the moment). Limited to 100 copies, so act fast if you want a copy. Side A is a dark swirling electronic ritual. Very claustrophobic, very subterranean. Playing at 33rpm and stretching to seven or eight minutes, this cauldron of dark matter is created, visualised and experienced. This is "Ritual Music". Flip the disc, expecting more of the same (and by no stretch of the imagination would I be disappointed if there wasn't some continuing sound) and I am met with the sound of drum machine and a jazz style bass-line. The "Gothic" electronic swirl is still present, along with primal synth sound, but there's this jazz rock "freestyle" bass line - fingers exploring the fret board - and then there's a Wishbone Ash style guitar riff buried in the mix...This track - the B-Side is the title track took me by surprise and I love it. Continuous plays. Beautiful. In the ever growing saga of discovering Burial Hex this is a pivotal release...I shall carry on my search. I declare Clay Ruby a genius!

7" available from Release The Bats ( : But hurry.

1: Burial Hex 7".

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