Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pure Ubu

I very rarely shop in supermarkets. I very rarely shop in "out of town" shopping centres...but today was an exception. Due to an unwell Isabel F. I had to travel to an "out of town" shopping ville in Torquay locally known as The Willows. Sainsbury's had a pharmacy and we needed drugs! It was whilst heading for the checkout and exit that I went down the booze aisle and saw a bottle that caught my eye. A beer called "Pure Ubu". Excellent. I had to buy. £1.09 for a 500ml bottle. I applaud the guy in marketing who is either a Alfred Jarry fan or an old John Peel fan / punk who is into their music. (like me) - either that or they thought the beer tastes like shit! Ha! I am drinking the beer as I type, tastes OK, 4.5% - a little like shandy for me but it is still OK. It is sitting on a bed of Grolsch and a few bottles of St. Cervois (I'm off to France in a few days and I have to adapt the palate).
I am a bit surprised I opened the bottle, usually a beer with a funny name would remain unopened and sit on a shelf somewhere. I had a bottle of Old Fart on my mantelpiece for years and a can of Maes takes a pride of place in the Hartop Towers Gimp Room. OK Maes isn't a funny name as such, but for a few years I used to write to Belgian artist and owner of Clingfilm Records Laura Maes and the can itself was lifted from a Wire (Austrian gig) rider back in 2002. But there, as Hammy Hamster used to say on Tales Of The another story.

If the brewery did a dark ale, would they call it "Ubu Noir"?

1: Bottle of UBU.
2: Can of MAES.

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