Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Catching up on some of my back catalogue, and have just spent a pleasant while listening to BBBlood. Recently I got the untitled cassette on Beartown Records. £4.00 from their website. I'm not too knowledgeable about BBBlood, I've got a split 7" with Al-Qaeda (which I bought because I liked the sleeve) and that is roughly about it, and rather like a lot of folk these days he seems to be eternally gigging across Europe.
This release is a 30 minute barrage of effect pedal noise, sometimes cheap clanking and clanging is going on in the mix but mainly it is a construction of effect pedals creating drone like screeches and cacophonous sounds. Feedback (along with tape hiss) is omni-present. It is OK, and the tape lasted the full thirty minutes (which is more than I can say for the Psychic TV "Live at The Town & Country Club 1986" double CDr bootleg that I played before this, that was off after less than 5)!.Side A builds in to this great wall of noise speeding towards a finale but then just ends dead as the tape runs out...a tad disappointing....but I do feel that this is more document than release. I imagine it is from a live performance or home live "ritual" or some such and it has elements of what I was mentioning in the ASC#2 piece that sometimes these live improv. jam recording exploration type tracks become self indulgent and bear no meaning to no-one except those involved. The length of this tape saves it somewhat from that category, but elements are there.
Moments reminded me of Putrefier circa late nineties.
Dieter Muh share the live space with BBBlood in London in December, I'm looking forward to experiencing the sound. Google BBBlood and/or Beartown Records and support.

1: BBBlood cassette.
2: BBBlood live. (picture stolen from the Internet)!

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