Monday, 13 September 2010

Dieter Muh #42 (aka : Paris Aux L'Automne).

The third live performance of 2010 took me to Paris to play live at Le Yono, a small dark cave under the streets of Rue Vieille Du Temple in the East of the City.
The evening was organised by Marie of Les Sons Paranormeaux. A very professional outfit.
This was the longest set I have performed this year. 30 minutes. Still using sound sources sent to me from Schuster earlier in the year I built a set of short pieces using the voices of Lon Milo Duquette, Maureen Long, Max Hardcore, US Shortwave Radio and old cassettes that I recorded back in 1985 (when I used to perform and release under the name of The Streetcleaner). There was also some heavy bowed cymbal resonance and general samples of chaos and clutter that I keep on my sample pads! Good fun....damn good fun. An attentive and appreciative audience of around 40 watched the proceedings evolve - again to the backdrop of the Tim Bayes film "Armenia 1915". The sound was crystal clear. Again, Les Sons Paranormeaux are a professional organisation.
The evening was recorded + hopefully (when I get the tape) parts will be suitable for release. It has been an ambition of mine for a very long time to play live in Paris. It was a joy, now I want to do it again.....
Also on the evening were local noise merchants Bulanz Orgabar and Pentothal. These folk came on and performed without warning or introduction and played with their collective backs and arses to the audience, so whom were whom I am non the wiser. It was great to see and hear Praying For Oblivion live. Again, back to the audience. For a while Andrew suffered from microphone failure for his first piece, restoring all for a second onslaught. Loud, undecipherable noise. Excellent stuff.

This was apparently the final live event at Le Yono, it now becomes a disco-bar. A shame for it is one of the finest venues Dieter Muh have played.

1: Rue Vieille Du Temple.
2 & 3: Dieter Muh live. (Pictures by Tom Newell).
4: Praying For Oblivion live. (blurred).
5: The travelling Dieter Muh hardcore massive taking a breather.
(Simon Kane & Tom Newell).

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