Wednesday, 15 September 2010


There's a night out in London in December. December the 9th at The Others in Stoke Newington. Hosted by ILL FM it features Dieter Muh, BBBlood and Eddie from Baraclough. Others may or may not be added to the evening's entertainment.
I was a Baraclough virgin so I trawled the internet (I don't surf - I trawl) and found a cassette release on the UK label Beartown Records. I also found a BBBlood cassette on the same label so I bought both, but at this moment in time I have only played the Baraclough tape; "Vulpus Vulpus". Interesting sound and I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing what is produced on the 9th.
The cassette flings me in to various moods and memories. It starts off with a David Jackman / Organum type texture, but then has some stream of conscious type poetry in there with electronic accompaniment, so the mind switches to Contrastate. The sound is set in the (late) 1980's. Choice of structure of pieces and of instrumentation. Parts even reminded me of ideas I had when I was in the Manchester based trio Muhviertel - Yes, it was that good!!!
The cassette isn't that long, maybe half an hour and cost only £4 with P+P. Highly recommended. So if you are in London in December, especially the 9th...come along. It'll be an interesting night.
I shall give the BBBlood tape a spin soon.....

1:Beartown Records drawing.
2:Baraclough cassette "Vulpus Vulpus".

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