Monday, 13 September 2010

Caroline K

Just spent a pleasant while rediscovering the album "Now Wait For Last Year" by Caroline K. I recently got the CD re-issue of the classic vinyl LP on Klanggalerie label. (cat: gg127).
Certainly one of the finest bands of my generation / life has been Nocturnal Emissions. From their early sensory assault releases through to their (what I would call) "golden period": Releases such as "Befhelsnotstand", "Chaos", "Viral Shedding", "Shake Those Cages", "Songs Of Love & Revolution", "Dyskenisia": through to Nigel's solo work today - his live performance in the Cavern at Exeter being held up as exhibit A M'lud.
The first track on the CD " The Happening World" is a 20 or so minute piece of keyboard / synth drone and textural tone with dancing pulses and layered currents / frequencies. It is a stunning piece of work that can never fail to move me. Way, way, way ahead of its' time. Another favourite is the anthemic and powerful "Chearth". A sort of sister to "Never Give Up".
I am glad Klanggalerie have re-issued this album, I have been on the search for it for 20 or so years now and never seen a vinyl copy. It is strange that they have mastered it from the vinyl though, my CD has scratches!

Back in 1986 and as part of IBF we were recording with Bourbonese Qualk in a squat in Malt Street, South London. We had recorded our contribution for the Recloose Org LP "Songs Of The New International" and were trying to put something together for Manfred Schiek of Dossier to hear. (He wanted IBF on a compilation LP too). Anyway, Simon of BQ left us to out own devices and gave us a reel-to-reel tape to record ourselves. Playback made us realise that we had gone over recordings of "No Sacrifice" by Nocturnal Emissions. Tim and I just hoped they weren't the masters. Now with NE stuff being re-issued and mastered from vinyl - I am uncertain!

Hearing this album again has been one of the aural highlights of 2010. The CD has bonus tracks of unreleased solo Caroline K material. Very folk orientated, probably recorded around the "World Is My Womb" period.

Essential - Buy!

1: Caroline K CD Case.
2: Caroline K CD.

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