Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Andrea Borghi #2.

Many moons ago when Dieter Müh were a two-piece we camped out on the wilds of Dartmoor and recorded fire. The camp fire. With our Mini-Disc recorder and Dictaphones we recorded from varying angles and distances. Back in he studio the sound was manipulated, slowed down (quite a lot) and used for the live performance "Sutreworde" which took place in Augsburg 2003.

Andrea Borghi (from the project VipCranco) has released his twelfth solo recordings "Fuochi Rituali Di San Guiseppe" (Ritual Fires of St. Joseph). Sounds split in to 3 parts. Sounds of fire. Sounds of fire multi layered and textured. Great sounds of depth, slowed recordings giving a great sense of space. Additional sounds of frying oil and "Presence" add to the dynamism. It is strange how fire can sound like water - something I remember finding out for myself on Dartmoor.
These recordings were made in Versilla, Tuscany.
The running time is 20+ minutes, and comes complete with brilliant artwork / design. To be filed along side recordings by Slavek Kwi, Chris Watson and releases by the Greunrekorder label. This CD is on (a new label to me) Unfathomlass and available on their website.

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