Friday 27 November 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 26/11/2015

This could well be the last "live" broadcast of 2015. For the second time this year MuhMur Radio had a "guest programme maker". Mathew F. Riley built the playlist and played the records (and odd CD) for the night. Mathew is the former editor of 1990's magazine "Music From The Empty Quarter" and creator of "Immerse" magazine. Mathew now lives and works in Devon. Please copy & paste.
The next programme will be on the 10th of December and will be pre-recorded. Details to follow. Also in the pipeline is a 4 or 5 hour Xmas Special, again details will follow - please kep an eye on the MuhMur twitter page and Facebook profile.

01 : Richards Chartier : "Static Forms" (Materialverlag) 2015.
02: Michael Northam : "When Inaccessible" (And/OAR) 2015.
03: Asmus Tietchens : "Ornament 4" (Line) 2015.
04: Sam McLoughlin : "Crazywell Pool" (Devon Folklore Tapes) 2015.
05: Howlround : "Mount Shock" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
06: Howlround : "A Viewless Sea" (The Fog Signals) 2015.
07: Egisto Macchi : "Il Sahara" (AYNA Records) 2015.
08: Julian A. Lacroix : "The Death Of Gudea" (Upside Down Recordings) 2014.
09: Gabriel Saloman : "Gaguku" (Shelter Press) 2015.
10: Carl Michael Von Hauswolff : "Cementerio Del Norte" (Auf Abwegen) 2015.
11: Pietro Riparbelli : "Senza Forma" (Dirter Promotions) 2015.

01 : Playlist.
02: Mathew, in the darkness and amongst the vinyl. Soundart Studios.

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