Friday, 2 January 2015

Sewer Election & Puce Mary

I wasn't too certain when I bought this cassette whether it was a split release or a collaborative affair. It turns out to be the latter. "Masks Are Aids" by Sewer Election & Puce Mary on the Canadian Total Black label. Two pieces registering at 15 minutes each. "Mudlarking" (excellent title) brings us the "spirit of Leichenschrei". Elements: The "dead" female voice over a blistering sonic noise. Crunching cascade of analog synthesiser drones and pulsations. Old school industrial electronics. Male voice speaking through distortion in martial like tones. Classic. Highly listenable, fresh sounding despite having a sound of late 1970's industrial music. "Night Is A Trap" begins with all levels in the red before levelling out into a blitzkrieg wall of (harsh) noise. Early Whitehouse. The vocals are deadpan and indecipherable … a monotonic repeat in Swedish. The end is drawn out with a slow collapse of waves of distorted electricity over bleeps and tones … perhaps too long?

An essential release from 2014. I have arrived at the sound / output of Puce Mary rather late after a recommendation from Kristian Olsson at the beginning of last year. I have managed to pick up an LP on Posh Isolation and cassette on Freak Animal and I've yet to be disappointed. Sewer Election have never let these ears down, all work by Dan Johansson is recommended - and if anyone has any White releases to pass on … please get in touch.
I have just bought a Cremation Lily cassette from Total Black and did not see this tape on the "for sale"list but try they can probably tell you who distr.'s their stuff …

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