Monday, 14 April 2014

Secondhand Record Shops #21 : Bristol

Firstly, I know that this is not all the secondhand vinyl vendors that are in operation on Bristol, but I only had 2 hours on a wet and windy Monday morning …
Bristol does seem to be alive with secondhand vinyl shops at the moment. My first port of call was Plastic Wax records on the Cheltenham Road, about a mile walk from the City Centre, through Stokes Croft and on towards the railway arch. There are a few book shops, charity shops and veggie cafes along the walk so it is not unpleasant … even in the rain. Plastic Wax has a large selection of vinyl, and some decent stuff in the "Punk & New Wave" racks. Average seems to be a tenner but there were £5 racks and £1 boxes underneath the racking .. I managed to pick up a mint copy of the Tuxedomoon LP "Desire" (Pre Records) for £10. Plastic Wax were going through some shop shifting so no 7" singles were available .. shame. Further up the road is a clothes shop called "Re-Psycho" (all leather, studs and bumflaps) and underneath the shop there is a secondhand record shop, it was closed on my visit (opens at around mid-day), I'll try and get a look on my next Bristol visit.
The last time I was in St Nicholas Market there was one very small record stall, that has gone now but in its place are three shops. St. Nicholas Market is a pannier market right in the centre of Bristol. The pick of the three is Wanted Records. High class selection of new wave, experimental and avant grade records. I saw Lemon Kittens "Big Dentist" LP and Dr. Mix & The Remix LP nestling in the racks .. long time since I've seen either of those .. the problem is the price. Most records (even 12" Singles) seem to be between £15-£25 .. a tad expensive, if stuff was dropped by five or six (great band) pounds then I would have been buying. Been after that Dr Mix LP for a while … You have to ask the owner to look at his seven inches … Face The Dawn and Rock On Records sell everything from Madonna to Madness and Theatre Of Hate to U2. I didn't see any bargains, but (again) healthy volume of stock in the "New Wave & Indie" racks. Go to St Nick's Market around mid-day and grab lunch at the falafel shop!

1&2 : Plastic Wax Records.
3: Wanted Records.
4: Face The Dawn Records.

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  1. Am So glad I've seen Your Site and Great Blog too . I will go to St. Nicholas' Market the next time I am in the Centre just on the Strength that You mentioned U2 . I bought My first U2 LP in October 1986 in St.Nicks strangely enough from a shop which is no longer there. I had many many of theirs Vinyls LP's, 7 inchs, 12 inchs from 1979 on wards which I lost sadly and am building slowly at the moment to what I once had . So Thank You for Your great Blog in saying about Shops here .