Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Trepaneringsritualen/Anemone Tube/Human Larvae; Live In Exeter 15/04/2013

I have decided to arrange an evening at The Cavern in Exeter on April 15th. The opportunity of Trepaneringsritualen and Anemone Tube being in the UK at the same time is too good to miss. It has been a few years since I last "put on a show". Back in 2006 I organised a gig for Hair Police, Homicide and The Duds at the Zephyr Bar in Exeter before getting to know Dave Goodchild at The Cavern..the following year I put on Astral Social Club, Mark Durgan and Dieter Muh at The Cavern and in 2008 I brought Nocturnal Emissions to the club. There was a plan to bring Nocturnal Emissions back in 2010 with Dieter Muh and Duncan Harrison but that fell through with Dave leaving Dieter Muh ... but now I am dipping my toe in the promotional water again, putting on my Harvey Goldsmith coat and inviting you all down!
Dave at The Cavern has designed a poster and set up a "facebook event" page. Tickets are available through The Cavern website but you can pay on the night ... I might even DJ a bit....

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