Friday, 26 October 2012

Astral Social Club #10

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Astral Social Club, a split cassette with My Carapace Is the land of shit-names I am afraid that one is up there.
The cassette is project titled and released by Tor Press. The same label that released the rather excellent Plurals CD "Debasement" earlier in the year. It's twenty minutes a side and packaged in a cardboard box with a lino print by Tor Press manager and artist Jake Blanchard. It's a rather neat little package.
My Carapace Is Leaking own side A with the track "For My Poor, Sweet Poubelle (My Engine Is Doolally), a rough and ready twenty minute live recording featuring the sounds and textures of a five string bass guitar. It's a high-speed ride with a harsh drone thrown through various delay and echo boxes. A total wall of noise. My Carapace Is Leaking is the solo project of former A Band member and Neil Campbell collaborationist Joincey.
Side B is one long piece by Astral Social Club called "The Sun Is God". I have a feeling that this is a live track too, but Neil provides no information. The same speed is taken (up) here. Kaos pad madness, sample and glitch where sounds and tweebles weave in and out of sanity ~ this is no "Stig 'Fuckin Anderson" here but still well worth a play or two. I do whole-heartedly recommend experiencing  Astral Social Club live. This cassette is available direct from Tor Press and limited to only 100 hurry! Go to or try Astral Social Club for a copy at

1: My Carapace Is Leaking/Astral Social Club cassette.
2: Neil Campbell in action earlier this month at Cafe OTO, London.

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