Friday, 23 March 2012

Blind Amongst The Flowers

Earlier this week, for the first time in over ten years I was listening to the gravelly Mancunian growling voice of John Everall. A joy. Albeit over the 'phone and not in a local hostelry, but still a joy. Last year I revisited all of my Tactile albums and most of my Sentrax Corporation releases (John's label from the 1990's) so to celebrate the fact that we spoke across the wires I dug out my copy of "Dementia Americana" 7" by Blind Amongst the Flowers.
Blind Amongst The Flowers were from Crewe. John was their bassist. "Dementia Americana" should have appeared on the Malicious Damage label but instead it was released on their own Snarling Red imprint (Catalogue SFP 858) in 1987. The single was re-issued by Eyas Media, the label run by Sixth Comm in the same year.
Blind Amongst The Flowers sound like Killing Joke, but then again so did Red Beat and Ski Patrol and they are two fine bands. "Dementia Americana" has the chanting style vocal the chopping guitar and Glitter Band drums to make it a great "romper-stomper" classic. "Back In The South" still has the KJ vocal style (this time with speeded up, whispered and slowed down vocal effect floating around the ears) and guitar but this time with Joy Div. drums overdubbed to the max. It all ends on some great effects and tape looping which makes me think John probably had a hand in the production of this beauty.
"Dementia Americana" is a great a great single and if seen buy! It has a strange sleeve of a Lee Harvey Oswald "look-e-like-e" getting a blow job and sleeve notes on the reverse that wouldn't be amiss in a Sotos novel.

Now....has anyone got any Vaginal Sponge tapes I can listen too?

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  1. wow ... everall was in a band named afterr an annie lennox song?!? fantastic...