Sunday, 16 May 2010

Secondhand Record Shops #2 : Torre Records, Torquay, Devon.

If visiting Torquay I do recommend a trip to see Torre Records. Situated in the run down area of the town known as Torre. Go to the top of Union Street and keep walking, even if there seems no point. Pass the smackheads and ruddy-faced drunks outside the Town Hall (Where both David Bowie and Queen played in 1972) , pass the 24 hour snooker hall, pass the nightclub that keeps opening and re-opening. It's one of those drink all you can for a tenner then stab a foreigner type nightclubs, pass a few empty shops (dodging the dog shit and phlegm) and you will find Torre Records. Hard to believe now but back in 2001 when Tamsin and I were moving down to Torbay we actually considered buying a house in Torre. Thank goodness we found Hartop Towers!
Torre Records is a "Rock Shop" where you are more likely to find a Jimmy Hendrix gate fold LP or a Metallica Picture Disc than you are an old TG album or a mint copy of "Sylvie & Babs", but it has been known to have a copy of Skullflower's "Form Destroyer" and a Savage Republic album or two in the racks. I have spotted a lot of records that I already have in there; Gloria Mundi, Crispy Ambulance, Ultravox! to name....I did get a couple of Shoes For Industry 7"'s that were on the Steve Underwood wants list a few years back, that kept him happy. But like I said, the main stock is black leather jacket rock. Stock like Foo Fighters or local heroes Muse, the kind of music for people who don't like music but have to like "something" just to seem "cool", the main purpose for Bon Jovi, U2 and Guns & Roses back in the 80's/90's. Torre Records does stock new CD's as well as secondhand vinyl but the majority of stock is secondhand vinyl.
Prices of LP's start at about a tenner with seven inchers being between four and seven quid. I haven't bought from there in a while - last thing bought was 999 "The Singles Album" on Albion Records - the last two times I have got there they have been closed, even though their times on the door states they should have been open. Poor. But like I said, worth a visit if you want to look at (and even buy) some 1980's New Wave + Rock never know what you'll find.

Did you know (and I know you didn't) that Dieter Muh track "AAKaL" was to be called "Torre Firma" after some graffiti I saw on Torre train station but it had to be changed because Dave didn't like the title, said it sounded too much like Torre Andre Flo. Although I have told you this - I still own that title!!

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