Saturday, 15 May 2010

Secondhand Record Shops #1 : Scene & Heard. Teignmouth, Devon.

Hopefully fill a few blogs with a report of secondhand record emporiums I chance upon on my travels. There are none in my neck of the woods (Saint Marychurch), so I have to travel to assuage my needs.
Scene & Heard is a quaint little shop in the old part of Teignmouth (near the docks and opposite Molloy's pub). When visited today it had a Basil Brush LP in the window, for a fiver! I am a regular visitor to Teignmouth and this is the umpteenth time I have been in the shop, but I have never bought ought. There are thousands of records and hundreds of old 78's in the shop, but only a macro-percent of the stock is post 1977. The categories say it all; Rock A-Z, Male Vocal A-Z, Female Vocal A-Z, UK Folk, Comedy, Jazz A-Z...etc. Plenty of fun if you'd like to see what a record shop looked like in 1976. I did notice that the owner (Pete) had started a new section in the albums; Pub Rock & Punk. Half a dozen Dr. Feelgoods and a few Stiff compilations. Quite contemporary. The pricing is fair. Albums run anywhere between four and six quid and singles are priced up to about three quid - not bad. The seven inchers are categorized by decades by the way.
So, if you are in the area - and Teignmouth is a great day out with the kids - and fancy perusing through some 1960's and 70's classics - like today I marvelled at the LP "The Ladybirds Sing All The Number One's Of 1977" and rediscovered the artwork of Roger Dean via Greenslade LP's - then may I recommend "Scene & Heard".
Today I saw a 7" by the Passions; "The Hunter" for 50 pence but I didn't buy. For now we enter The Moral Maze. At the beginning of the year I was in the shop looking at a few Planxty covers and checking out who actually produced Spitballs when the owner (Pete) told a customer (and obviously regular) a highly offensive racist joke. I don't want to give this guy my money - even if it is only 50 pence....but what if in the racks there was a mint copy of "Sylvie & Babs" or The Passions 7" "I'm In Love With A German Film Star" (the only Passions record I want by the way)...would I / could I?

Teignmouth also houses a lot of Charity shops that still sell vinyl and one of those Oxfam shops that only sells music + books, but their vinyl racks are slowly diminishing - last year I bought the 1st Splodgenessabounds LP from there for a quid! (Was there a 2nd album)....

1: Scene & Heard Record Shop on Teign Street, Teignmouth.

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