Friday, 12 December 2014

MuhMur Radio : Quasi Pop Special : 11/12/2014.

It was probably about 2 years ago that I bought a copy of the double cassette compilation "Les Illusions Magnetiques" on Quasi Pop, it was the lure of Cheapmachines and Sudden Infant. It is a wonderful compilation. Shortly afterwards I bought a copy of "Days Arc #2", a cassette compilation on Russian label Full Of Nothing - the track by Edward Sol (:Svitanok:) is simply amazing. This year I fell in love with his "Adult Friend Finder" C10 on Ukrainian label Village Tapes.
Edward Sol is the curator / head honcho of Quasi Pop. Operating out of Kiev in the Ukraine. I asked Edward for an exclusive piece for the radio programme and he kindly recorded "Bad News First" he also posted a large portion of recent Quasi Pop releases. A joy to listen to and present here.      (copy & paste).
For the record - the S K L S single (the project are a mystery to me but I smell the involvement of Thomas Ekelund) is played slightly "off centre" and the "Picnic" track by Edward Sol is cut short. (Apologies)…..I played some Ultra & Severed Heads at the end because I wanted to play the tracks loud in the studio. Thanks again to Dave Mutch.
The next programme will be a Festive special - details to follow.

01: Brume : "Psychotronic #1" (Quasi Pop) 2013.
02: T.V. Pow : "Ladder Friends Remix" (Quasi Pop) 2008.
03: Volcano The Bear : "That People Don't Know They Are Monsters" (Quasi Pop) 2009.
04: Edward Sol : "Picnic" (Village Tapes) 2014.
05: Edwrad Sol : "Tasma Gang Bang" (-taqueOT) 2011.
06: Edward Sol : "Sunburnt Lux" (Quasi Pop) 2009.
06: Edward Sol : "Svitanok" (Full Of Nothing) 2013.
08: Edward Sol : "Bad News First" (Not On Label) 2014.
     (Recorded exclusively for MuhMuh Radio).
09: White Reeves : "Unreleased 1".
10: White Reeves : "WR With Mike 2"
11: White Reeves : "Lenny Speaks"
12: White Reeves : "Tower Of Mind"
     (All tracks from the cassette "Dog On Fire". Quasi Pop. 2013).
13: Family Underground : "Blood Temperature Pool" (Quasi Pop) 2009.
14: Cheapmachines : "Endless Tape Mix" (Quasi Pop) 2013.
15: S K L S : "Deathtone Reverberation" (Quasi Pop) 2010.
16: Troum : "Farawer" (Quasi Pop) 2008.
17: S K L S : "Brain Ticket" (Quasi Pop) 2010.
18: Edward Sol : "Liudochka" (Village Tapes) 2012.
20: Ultra : "Subway Etiquette" (Dom America) 2014.
21: Severed Heads : "Guests" (Ink Records) 1985.
22: Severed Heads : "We Have Come To Bless The House" (Ink Records) 1985.

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