Monday, 19 May 2014

Stuart Chalmers

Firstly I feel I should apologise for the recent lack of writing / entries on this blog. A variety of factors .. I suppose I hit writers block. Time became very precious and prioritised somewhat so sitting and listening, ruminating and writing got put on some back burner. I apologise. Some great sounds have come through the door of Hartop Towers in the past few months … and it has been great just to get to listen to some of them without notepad and pen (so to speak) … I now have a Facebook page for the MuhMur Radio Programme, where I play a large percentage of new arrivals…Please feel free to peruse.

Stuart Chalmers. I first became aware of Stuart's work last year when he mailed some of his work for review. Certainly his work back then could be called "plunder phonics" and/or "Musique Concret". Although not 100% my cup of tea I knew Stuart was a name worth keeping an ear out for, and now arrives "Imaginary Musicks Volume One" a C40 cassette on the legendary Beartown Records label.
I thought I knew what I was in for - but quell surprise .. Stuart has drawn inspiration from the sound of the South Seas. Polynesian rhythm samples and flute loops. Calming and pleasant moments, easy listening in a Martin Denny kind of way, and somewhere in the back of my mind … "Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" by S.P.K. The sound is beautifully produced, no cheap disposable tape release here just 40 minutes of aural bliss.
It would be great to see Stuart in this mood on a full length CD(R), or vinyl … Essential listening. Available from the Beartown website for a fiver - very limited though so act fast…...

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  1. hi steve
    thanks for the write up. This album has also been released by myself on cd with handmade cases/prints.
    get them here: