Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Suomi Sounds #2

Have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Finnish independents Record Deals. After their excellent Kanttoripoika / Re-Clip split from 2010 comes this three way split seven inch EP from Kanttoripoika, Nesa & The Nestikles and Iltasyntsa. The latter two being completely new names to me.
Nesa & The Nestikles provide "Salamanteri"  ("Salamander"), a quite little laid back number with sluggish cocktail lounge drums and a melancholy (lazy) casio tune and space invader type electro bleeps. A lovely intro to the EP and to the sound of Nesa & The Nestikles. Kanttoripoika bring us "Menestystarina" ("Success Story"). A deep Finnish newscaster's voice is spliced in with randon percussion that suddenly makes complete sense as the last beat is the final piece of the (audio) jigsaw and the piece moves into a sound that is somewhere between Aavikko and Renaldo & The Loaf. It is fantastic - oddball motorik electronica (OME). Iltasyntsa is a name new to me but they've already released material on Finnish labels cdrl and Tajours-Edit. Their track "Totti" is a style, a genre called Chip Tune. Bleep and Booster electronics. A spastic with a stylophone. A style that I have heard before and always reminds me of very early acid house - around the time 808 State started (1987/8) and were producing stuff like the "Newbuild" LP, back then the sound left me in disbelief. "Totti" has an annoyance and just doesn't "go anywhere" and ends on a lock-groove. It is a shame as after repeated plays of Nesa & the Nestikles and Kanttoripoika this EP was becoming the finest 45 of the year (only it plays at 33rpm).
A single that is worth having for side A alone. Limited to just 200 copies the single is available via Discogs or by contacting Plaa at Hyster Tapes.  

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