Sunday, 20 June 2010

Burial Hex

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest Burial Hex LP " Bagirwa Hymn". This is my first exposure to Burial Hex on vinyl - or any format come to think of it!
I saw Burial Hex (a.k.a. Clay Ruby) at last year's "Equinox Festival" in London and liked what I saw and heard, unfortunately I forgot to pick up any merchandise, and dropping heavy hints to Andrew Hartwell over the past 12 months haven't come to any fruition so I thought I would part with hard earned cash and start listening to Burial Hex.
"Bagirwa Hymn" (Bagirwa, a shamanistic Priestess of Rwanda) is made up of two side long pieces. Side A starts with prepared guitars and prepared piano, looping and drifting and very reminiscent of the works of Psychic TV and T.A.G.C. before switching to a messy murky swill of tonal feedback, noise that was very similar to what Clay was producing at The Equinox. Side B reminded me of the sound of Nekrophile Records.....(remember them)? I think Clay does... I recently got an LP by Swedish group Attestupa on the Release the Bats label. This album is very similar. Lo-Fi, organic, analog, beautiful. Whilst side B was playing I picked up a book by Barry Hale and started reading it. Excellent soundtrack.
My Burial Hex collection starts here.

1: Sleeve to "Bagirwa Hymn" Lp.
2: Burial Hex live at The Conway Hall, June 2009.
3: Clay and me at the Festival. Photo by Carl Abrahamsson.

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